How to catch big redfish in Venice

Venice, Louisiana is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, including targeting big redfish. Here are some tips to help you catch big redfish in Venice:

1. Hire a local guide: Venice is a vast and complex fishing area, so hiring a local guide who knows the waters well can significantly increase your chances of success. They will have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the best spots and provide valuable insights on techniques and strategies specific to Venice.

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2. Fish the Mississippi River Delta: The Mississippi River Delta is a hotspot for big redfish in Venice. Target areas around the passes, mouths of bayous, and points where the river water meets the Gulf of Mexico. These areas provide a rich food supply and attract large schools of redfish.

3. Use live bait: Live bait is highly effective for big redfish in Venice. Consider using live mullet, menhaden (pogies), or shrimp. These baits can be fished on bottom rigs, Carolina rigs, or under popping corks to entice the redfish to strike.

4. Opt for larger artificial lures: If you prefer using artificial lures, choose larger ones that mimic the prey that big redfish feed on, such as mullet or shrimp. Topwater plugs, swimbaits, spoons, and soft plastic jerkbaits in larger sizes can be effective in enticing big redfish to strike.

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6. Time your fishing trips: Fish during low light conditions, such as early mornings, late evenings, or overcast days. Big redfish are more active during these times. Additionally, pay attention to the tide. Incoming or outgoing tides can create feeding opportunities for redfish, so plan your trips accordingly.

5. Fish near structures and drop-offs: Look for oyster beds, marsh edges, submerged vegetation, and oil rigs. These structures provide cover and attract smaller fish, which, in turn, attract larger redfish. Focus your efforts around these areas, especially during tidal changes.

7. Use heavier tackle: Big redfish are powerful fighters, so it’s important to use heavier tackle when targeting them. Opt for medium to heavy rods with a strong backbone and a reel with a high line capacity. Use braided line for added strength and sensitivity. Consider using a fluorocarbon leader to prevent the redfish’s sharp gill plates from cutting your line.

8. Be patient and persistent: Catching big redfish requires patience and persistence. They may not be easy to find or catch, so it’s important to stay focused and keep trying. Vary your bait or lure presentation, experiment with different retrieves, and stay dedicated to your fishing efforts.

Remember to always follow fishing regulations, handle the fish with care, and practice catch and release to help preserve the population of big redfish in Venice for future generations.

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