Redfishing in Georgia: Hotspots and Tips

Georgia’s coastline is a prime location for redfish enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of habitats from salt marshes to tidal rivers. The region’s unique blend of freshwater and saltwater creates an ideal environment for redfish, also known as red drum, making it a coveted spot for both novice and seasoned anglers.

Top Redfishing Hotspots in Georgia

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is renowned for its abundant wildlife and pristine waters. The island’s expansive marshes and estuaries provide excellent breeding grounds for redfish. Anglers can explore the intricate creek systems, where redfish often hide among the grasses, waiting to ambush their prey.

St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island is a favorite among local anglers due to its easy access and prolific redfish populations. The island’s extensive network of creeks and flats offers numerous opportunities to catch redfish, particularly during the fall when they gather in large schools.

Savannah River

The Savannah River, with its rich historical significance, also boasts exceptional redfishing. The river’s brackish waters and submerged structures create perfect conditions for redfish. Anglers often find success near the river mouth, where redfish feed on shrimp and small baitfish.

Ossabaw Island

Ossabaw Island’s remote location ensures a tranquil fishing experience. The island’s undisturbed estuaries and tidal flats are teeming with redfish. Anglers here can enjoy the solitude and natural beauty while targeting large redfish, particularly in the deeper channels.

Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island offers a unique mix of shallow flats and deep channels. The island’s diverse aquatic environments attract redfish year-round. Anglers can target redfish in the shallow waters during high tide and move to deeper channels as the tide recedes.

Best Times and Tides for Redfishing in Georgia

Understanding the seasonal patterns and tidal movements is crucial for successful redfishing in Georgia. Redfish are most active during the spring and fall when water temperatures are moderate. During these seasons, redfish move into the shallows to feed and spawn, providing excellent opportunities for anglers.

Tidal movement plays a significant role in redfishing. During high tide, redfish move into the marshes and grass flats to hunt for crabs and shrimp. As the tide recedes, they retreat to deeper channels and drop-offs. Anglers should time their fishing trips to coincide with these tidal movements to increase their chances of success.

Essential Gear and Techniques for Redfishing

Rod and Reel Setup

A medium-heavy rod with a fast action tip paired with a high-quality spinning reel is ideal for redfishing. This setup provides the strength needed to handle large redfish while allowing for precise casting and control.

Bait and Lures

Live bait such as shrimp, mullet, and crabs are highly effective for attracting redfish. Artificial lures, including soft plastics, spoons, and topwater plugs, also work well, particularly when mimicking the movement of baitfish.

Fishing Techniques

Sight fishing is a popular technique in Georgia’s clear, shallow waters. Anglers use polarized sunglasses to spot redfish and cast their bait or lure ahead of the fish. Another effective method is bottom fishing, where bait is allowed to sit on the seabed, enticing redfish to strike.

Tips for a Successful Redfishing Trip

Research and Plan

Before heading out, research the area and check the local fishing reports. Understanding the current conditions and redfish activity can significantly improve your chances of a successful trip.

Use a Guide

Hiring a local fishing guide can be invaluable, especially for those unfamiliar with Georgia’s waters. Guides have extensive knowledge of the best spots and techniques, increasing the likelihood of a fruitful outing.

Practice Patience

Redfishing requires patience and persistence. Spend time observing the water and be prepared to move if you’re not getting bites. Redfish can be elusive, but with perseverance, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Respect the Environment

Always practice catch and release to help preserve the redfish population for future generations. Respect local regulations and guidelines to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable fishing experience.


Redfishing in Georgia offers an unparalleled experience for anglers. With its rich waters and abundant redfish population, the state provides numerous opportunities to catch this prized fish. By understanding the best hotspots, times, and techniques, anglers can enhance their redfishing adventures and create lasting memories.

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